About Pilgrim Paths


‘Above all, do not lose your desire to walk’ (Kierkegaard)

‘It is solved by walking’ (St Augustine)

‘He restores my soul; He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake’ (Psalm 23)

A pilgrimage can be defined as a spiritual journey to a holy place.  For centuries, Christians around the world have journeyed to places which have special meaning for them, either as individuals or communities.  There they rest, pray and are refreshed by the ‘spirit of place’, they discover.

The Pilgrim Path project offers resources to walkers who wish to turn a journey into a pilgrimage, a walk into a reflection; time apart to think, pray and encounter God.  It is designed for people with little or no faith as well as those who are established in their faith.

The Project began in 2016 in Charlbury, a town in the Cotswolds, when a group of Christians in the Chipping Norton area gathered to show each other their favourite walks which joined one church to another.  These routes were all walked by the group, offering opportunities for fellowship and community, and the route directions composed.  Illustrations and photographs were added, and some simple reflections which could be used at various points along the route.

The resulting booklets can be used by individuals or groups, alone or in a guided walk.  These are available to download from this site.

Every summer, a series of guided walks are offered along the routes, enabling walkers to join together in fellowship and offering the opportunity for reflection without the worry of route finding!

On the August Bank Holiday weekend, longer walks are offered – over a period of four days,  a pilgrimage is made around the southern (2018) and northern (2019) halves of the Deanery, through outstanding countryside, visiting beautiful churches.

Christ Church

Christians have felt drawn to pray at the Shrine of St Frideswide for many centuries. Indeed, the Priory on which our Cathedral was built was an important destination for medieval pilgrims.

The Shrine is the oldest monument in the Cathedral, though what remains is only the platform on which the actual Shrine rested. Many came to pray for healing in the belief that the saint could cure them of a wide variety of complaints. In the sixteenth century Catherine of Aragon prayed at the Shrine in the hope of giving birth to a son.

Today, people remain drawn to the Latin Chapel and the Shrine it houses because they sense this is a place where the veil between our earthly life and the Kingdom of Heaven is very thin.

It is place that has been soaked in prayer over the centuries. 

Find out more about Pilgrimage at Christ Church Cathedral

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